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The People First Effect

7 Keys for Mastering High Trust in a Low Trust World

Veteran consultant and award-winning author Jack Lannom enlists seven successful business leaders to outline a clear, comprehensive strategy for increasing trust and decreasing tension in your personal and professional lives.
The People First Effect is a business fable about CEO Dan Burton. Dan has successfully led his company out of the 2008 recession and sees his organization moving back toward sustainable growth—only to learn that his company has been sold to a foreign investor.

Dan Burton is facing challenges that are greater than any he has encountered, and he turns once again to Sifu Li for help. Sifu readily agrees to lead Dan into a deeper understanding of the People First philosophy. He builds on the foundation laid in People First by introducing Dan to seven business leaders who will mentor Dan in understanding how to create and sustain trust. And here is where a work of fiction merges with fact. I wanted to do something truly distinctive with The People First Effect, so in addition to incorporating all the compelling elements of a great story, you will meet seven real-life CEOs and senior leaders from seven companies that are People First Certified. Dan’s conversations with all these leaders are taken directly from extensive interviews conducted with each leader individually.

I do not feel that I am exaggerating in the least when I say that you could not possibly get a better education in creating trust than the one you will receive from the seven men you will meet in this book. To have the opportunity to sit down with just one of them would be immensely profitable; to read the accumulated wisdom of all seven of these men will be like getting your PhD in building strong, trust-based relationships. I like to think that The People First Effect lifts the priceless diamond that is Trust into the light, and each of these leaders turns that diamond slightly so that you can see the incredible, intricate beauty of each of the seven facets of that diamond called Trust.

I am confident that The People First Effect will resonate with millions of leaders at a great many levels. Anyone who is in a leadership position—whether in the business world, education, the military, or a voluntary association—will greatly benefit from the knowledge that is laid out in a clear, conversational style. You’ll also enjoy a darn good story!
Jack Lannom

This is an inspiring must-read for anyone who needs to build trust with others to achieve results – no matter what the field. How wonderful it would be if all CEO’s were imbued with the People First Effect. And even better, how wonderful if this philosophy infected our politicians.

L. Craig Johnstone

Former US Ambassador; Director for Resources Plans and Policy, Department of State; Deputy UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Vice President, the Boeing Company; President Cabot Plastics, International; Board Executive at Vital Voices Global Partnership, Refugees International, and USA for UNHCR

Jack Lannom’s book The People First Effect provides every business leader with a proven roadmap to transform their business with his 7 Keys of Mastering High Trust in a Low Trust World. The reason that I was successful in my career is because I diligently applied these keys of trust to every business that I led. I highly recommend this book for any leader that is serious about creating a trust-based culture.

Gerald Greenwald

Former chairman and CEO of United Airlines, the former Chrysler Corporation vice-chairman, and the Founding Partner of Greenbrier Equity Group.

Unethical, disloyal people of egocentric greed are already mainstream, now suddenly embroidered in a world imploding with post truth, fake news and conspiracy theories. TIME magazine covering its entire front page with “Is Truth Dead?”

Jack Lannom’ s People First Effect could not arrive at a more opportune moment, demonstrating how to build Trust both personally and professionally, reinforcing the fundamentals of ethics, loyalty, virtue and truth.

A must and a light read for everybody in a disrupted world; a fast-flowing book weaving pragmatic wisdom into a suspenseful thriller.

A fascinating self-help book for managers and the general public alike, destined for the bestseller lists. A book I would have put into the Ethics and Worker Relations courses at MIT and every other university.

Dr. Jan Hedberg

PhD ’77 MIT

The corporate world has changed significantly in recent years with the implementation of social media into the daily life of a generation of society to the changing world of communication. The reality of the emergence of new technologies and new media is that trust, communication and integrity are a lost art. Business leaders underestimate the quantity and quality of communication necessary to build a successful team to navigate through an evolving business landscape. Jack Lannom captures the essential elements to successfully communicate, and more importantly, provides the tools needed to master the communications challenge. The seven C’s. Please enjoy and share with everyone you encounter every day.

A must and a light read for everybody in a disrupted world; a fast-flowing book weaving pragmatic wisdom into a suspenseful thriller.

A fascinating self-help book for managers and the general public alike, destined for the bestseller lists. A book I would have put into the Ethics and Worker Relations courses at MIT and every other university.

Jeffrey Dane Oetting

Chief Executive Officer of Featherwood Group of Companies

“Jack Lannom’s empowering philosophy is a joyous affirmation for a way of life in business and personal relationships to grow the human spirit in a positive and productive manner.”

Thad Strom

Former Chief Counsel and Staff Director, US Senate Committee on the Judiciary

The stories and insights shared behind this cover emphasize the most important facts of the way it should be, but in the real operating world it unfortunately doesn’t happen enough. It isn’t only about money. It is in fact all about people. Jack Lannom’s life pursuit jumps out in what is shared in People First. The words resonate in importance. This book is about proselytizing people in the way they think and act and to reorient behavior. This is a must read if you want to be dimensionally successful and make a difference. Bravo Jack, it is an honor to know you.

Jeffrey Meshel

Author of One Phone Call Away, Secrets of a Master Networker, and The Opportunity Magnet; Chairman/Co-Founder of DivorceForce; Chairman of Paradigm Capital Corporation; Chairman and Founder of The Strategic Forum

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