A People First Certified Company

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Jack, words cannot adequately convey the tremendous impact that you and the People First program have made to us at Iron Mountain. Your strategies and success model is making a positive and life-changing impact for the entire leadership team, resulting in a more empowered organization. All levels are quickly adopting the People First Culture, resulting in stronger morale and productivity in our workforce.

Jack, on a personal level, you have become the single greatest mentor in my career. My team is fired up and united with a laser focus on achieving our daily mission and vision goals. You have taught me to become a CCO (Chief Celebration Officer) and how to become a powerful role-model in both my personal and professional lives.

The People First program should be implemented in every organization in the country. The return on investment will be exponential in terms of leadership development, employee morale, and workforce productivity. In addition, every individual should read Jack’s book, ‘People First – Building Lives And Passing On a Legacy.’ Unquestionably, it is one of the greatest leadership books every written.

Jack, you are a world-class leader, teacher, and friend.

I am proud of you!
I Believe In You
I Need You
Thank You

Steve Bazin
New England Territory Manager of Business Support, Iron Mountain
175 Bearfoot Road, Northboro, MA 01532

Hello Jack,

Unfortunately, I will not be attendance for the final People First session this Friday to personally thank you for introducing the People First Leadership Model to me.

I always considered myself a “People First” kind of person throughout my leadership career at Iron Mountain. However, I came to realize that I was falling short on the People First principles in my personal environment.

    Your People First Leadership Program:

  • Gave me the wisdom to understand that People First principles should begin at home
  • Provided the skills to positively change the negative behaviors entrenched in me

The result has been a sense of peace that I have not felt in a really long time.

“Thank you for that Jack”!

Shane Wentz
Operations Manager, Iron Mountain